Information about work and accommodation in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Welcome to the website!

This is a perfect handbook for the people that have decided to emigrate or work in Scandinavia.

In this website is collected very valuable information of how to find a job and accommodation in the Scandinavian countries. How to get social aids in these countries, you will learn many side ways in the laws of the Scandinavian countries that you can use for fast and easy legalizing and settle there. The website is created with the purpose to inform candidate emigrants how to find solely a job without paying big fees to companies mediator. You will learn also how functions the health system in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. We give you links to the biggest labor offices in the Scandinavian countries. The website gives to its guests an e-mail subscription for current news connected with a seasonal work as gathering of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, wood fruits. To gain an access to the content of the website please send a SMS to a specified number in the form for access. Insert the received access code. With this code you can access the website only once!

The countries that we serve now in English are the following: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia. If you are from above-mentioned countries you are welcomed to send sms and to have access to the content of the website.


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